Cotton and nylon fishing nets with red floats lie on a concrete jetty in Carnage while three fishers are located at the end of the jetty
Fishing nets lie on a jetty in the small fishing village of Carenage, Trinidad


I realized that even as an island girl, I knew very little about everyday life along the coastlines in Trinidad and Tobago or in the Caribbean for that matter. By being a bit more observant, I began to use photography to see life with new eyes and document common practices that we take for granted or know only minimally. Through photography, I began to document the religious practices of Spiritual Baptists and the every day life of Men Who Fish (as against professional fishers). The lives that I am documenting speak of passion and dedication - faith and patience. They teach us something about island life.

Fine Art - Artist Statement

Nature is fighting with life. Nature is fighting with development. We are island people. We are fishers, We are industry. We use things. Dump things and they show up on the coasts. The islands are changing. Some say the islands are developing. We see more buildings where forest used to be. We see skyscrapers rise above the bay, bold and unconscious. We are hoping for sustainable living. My work is about change, development, conflict with the environment, rubbish and natural vistas fighting for space. My work is about life. In the midst of the change I look for #authenticislandfineart.

Several small fishing vessels called pirogues are lying on a stony section of the beach with old yellow rope and logs forming a kind of Caribbean Fine Art.
Wooden pirogues lie on a stony Maracas Beach forming Caribbean Island fine art