About me

Christine A. Norton (Trinidad) is a Caribbean Development Consultant and Photographer working with fine art and documentary photography, based in Trinidad and Tobago. She has been a non-professional photographer for over 15 years and since mid-2015 has become a freelancer, working on her own documentary projects and producing panoramic photographs for sale.


She has worked in the field of international development with the United Nations for 34 years and therefore continues her experience through photography. In 2011, she received the Px3 bronze (Amateur, Press, 2011), PX 3 silver (Amateur, Book Proposal Series, 2011) and PX3 gold awards (Amateur, First Prize People's Choice, Portraiture/Culture) for her work in documenting the Character and Color of Rural Life in Belize, mentioned below. She has recently been invited to the enter the "invitation-only" LensCulture Network designed to connect photographers, artists, galleries, critics, curators, collectors and others involved in contemporary photography. Two of her photographs were published by National Geographic Traveler UK in an article on Trinidad Carnival called: "The Greatest Show on Earth", September/October 2011 ( pages 16 & 17)

She has attended several photographic workshops by National Geographic, Nikon Series, with the Vancouver Photo Workshops and with Sebastian "Suki" Belastegui. Christine prefers independent projects in which she selects to document the lifestyles, emotions and influences of people in situ without posing her subjects. She has produced a publication on the "Colour and Character of Rural Belize" (2012-2013), using HDR photography to capture the reality in communities. She is currently working on two long-term projects: "Spiritual Baptism" (2014-2016) and "Men who Fish" (2015-2016), about life in coastal fishing communities. She is a direct participant in the events and tries to convey the emotion and experiences of the individuals involved in order to share the event with others. She wants her viewers to see what she saw. Her work is a record of events at a point in time that convey life as it happens. A recent trip to India has allowed her to document life in selected communities in Rajasthan.

Belize The Character and Colour of Rural Life

This book is a record of the character and colour of rural Belize. The photographs capture architecture juxtaposed with objects, people, their way of life and their entrepreneurial spirit. Enjoy!


You can check my book here